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March 25th
Global release

March 25th 2022
out now

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01. Frontera*

02. Pudrete *

03. Mutante*

04. Esquizofrenia

05. R2rito*

06. Labios Negros

07. Luna

08. Garras

09. Luz Y Fer

10. Gato

11. Flatline

12. 1941

* Single and Video

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 "Make no mistakes, being this eclectic is actually really difficult, and to make so many genres not only work but blend seamlessly as well over an entire album is an absolute sign of genius brutality at its finest"

8kalacas new album Fronteras vinyl

 "Utterly and completely amazing record!
Turn on the stereo, press play, smile like an idiot, repeat"


8kalacas new album Fronteras CD + special DVD

 "What a wonderful kick in the ass this album is. Bring this crazy gang to a festival stage this summer!"    


"8 Kalacas is a shining example of how counter culture transforms the least likely combinations into something authentic and energized." 

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"Todo tiene grandes momentos, las voces latinas, variaciones limpias y uso de tres vocalistas en limpias, guturales y encima de todo colocar magnánimamente las trompetas en ritmos thrasheros, heavies y hasta sonidos de cabaret, con dosis punk en muchos instantes demuestran el grado de dedicación que la banda tiene."

Metallerium -Perú-

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