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Formed in Orange County in 2003, the fertile soil of extremity that also brought us SOCIAL DISTORTION and AVENGED SEVENFOLD, 8 KALACAS are the harbingers of a new era. After establishing their unique brand of metallic hardcore, ska and traditional Mexican elements in California and the rest of the Divided States, the massive seven-piece brotherhood is ready to take on the rest of the world. 

»Fronteras«, their third full-length and first for brand-new label Atomic Fire Records, is like a curveball for the rest of the international metal/hardcore scene: an album so fierce and unique you simply can’t resist succumbing to the thundering grooves, malicious riffs and infectious trumpet/trombone madness those guys are vigorously unleashing like there’s no tomorrow. Taking their Latin roots and their Californian upbringing and ingeniously warping the two into this behemoth of an album, 8 KALACAS truly bring something new and exciting to the table.


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Management     The Oracle Management, 

Booking Agent   Dynamic Talent International
                     Liam Frith

Label              Atomic Fire Records, 

 8 Kalacas
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