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Special offer Announcement!

This discount coupon code was offered to our newsletter subscribers for 10 days

when the store reopened and it was very well received!

Since it is the holiday season!

we will be releasing the coupon codes on Social Media starting on the 5th,

and exclusively on our News blog here.

You can use this code from December 5 to 20.

Be sure to check our News blogs and Social Medias often.

This will be our last discount code of 2023 and our supplies are running low, so don't delay!

Along with the discount, we will also be giving out a free gift for anyone who makes a purchase using this code. So don’t sleep on our news blogs and Social Medias to get your code and free gift!


Register below and subscribe to our newsletter to get all the newest info on tour dates, new merch, new music, and more!


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